Vienna, Austria

Social and Economic Sciences

Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Language: German Studies in German
Subject area: social
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Doktor/in der Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Dr. rer. soc. oec
6 Semester
180 ECTS
Living organisms including humans are social when they live collectively in interacting populations, whether they are aware of it, and whether the interaction is voluntary or involuntary.
When you think about the Earth’s oceans you probably imagine stretches of deep, dark water, exotic marine life and pristine waves. You probably don’t think of vast islands of plastic waste such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an expanse of rubbish which some say is bigger than the continental United States. It was feared that collections of plastic debris like this were growing in line with our increasing rates of plastic production over the past decades. However, scientists have recently discovered that these floating eyesores are mysteriously receding – and that’s actually not a good thing…
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